Leaping Beyond the Pandemic: Top Business Priorities for a Smart Rebound
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  • Digital resilience helps organisations set the stage for smarter rebound

  • Three key aspects to building a foundation for growth: scalability, resilience, and partnerships and ecosystems


Now that businesses are ready to leap beyond the pandemic , the time is ripe for organisations to adapt and develop plans and processes not only for business recovery but also growth.


Despite ongoing challenges in global supply chains, talent availability and volatile market conditions, business leaders should begin to reset their organisations through a robust growth agenda. Over the last two years, I have spoken with many senior business executives who have  shared how they have accelerated their transition to digital solutions. The majority of business leaders are today pushing sustainable growth as their topmost priority, together with the drive for innovation and differentiation.


Many tough lessons have been learned as COVID-19 threw several curveballs and stress tested every business’ ability to cope with the changing dynamics of consumer needs on an unprecedented scale. We often heard the term digital transformation morph into  digital resilience.


Nikhil Batra, stressed to the media that the right transformation strategy was key to advancing in the digital economy. He said: “There was a new approach to resiliency, where you are not just addressing business challenges but learning to respond rapidly to extreme changes in external environments.


Some of the changes seen are among Malaysian consumers themselves who are scaling up their digital adoption through increasing mobile app usage, work from home/study arrangements, and are actively seeking more personalized, seamless services. With most Malaysians becoming increasingly empowered by information and technology, their expectations from businesses have risen rapidly in line with a hybrid lifestyle.


In fostering resilience, businesses have raced to adopt digital technologies such as cloud and IoT along with initiatives to encourage workplace transformation. We are also seeing businesses shift from being shareholder-centric to stakeholder-centric, and the emergence of a digital economy that embraces the needs of all Malaysians, not just a select few.


At our flagship gathering of leaders at the LEAP Summit in 2021, we started seeing the rise of human-centred design thinking, in tandem with a pivot towards an experienced-based economy. Addressing these changes calls for a more inclusive digital transformation, which includes aligning internal teams to what is happening in the outside world.




As we look towards the new normal, three factors are important for every business to succeed:


  1. Ability to scale – Today’s technology helps us to rapidly scale to meet business needs, annihilating traditional limitations such as the availability of physical resources, and so forth. For example, what enabled Zoom or Netflix to scale so rapidly during the pandemic was their investment in disruptive technologies. When thinking about scaling  businesses,  an organisation’s critical building blocks will include cloud and automation.


  1. Resilience  - the pandemic has taught us to prioritise resilience as a key business attribute which helps safeguard the continuity of business operations. Leveraging the right cyber security tools and other managed services across diverse geographies, will help align workforce productivity to the changes of a highly challenging market. In addition, a strong mindset is even more important when facing the unexpected.


  1. The power of partnerships and ecosystems will accelerate growth in this new era. A collaborative approach will be key to delivering innovations. In ecosystems where organisations may be developing and offering solutions and services with their partners,  the qualities of trustworthiness and transparency are among the most critical factors that leaders need to prioritise and drive to ensure the success of such collaborations.     




The principles above are part of what drives our design, development and implementation of our comprehensive portfolio of products and services. At TM One, we have built a business focused on addressing the needs of every enterprise through the customised use of our suite of solutions, which includes connectivity, digital infrastructure, and smart solutions. With cybersecurity playing an intrinsic part of each of these service areas, business leaders are well positioned to leverage the three essentials needed to rebound.


HONOR Malaysia, a leading provider of smart devices, selected TM One’s cloud services to host its eCommerce platform and to expand its services across three continents,  highlighting TM One’s ability to enable scaling. Another powerful testament of our capabilities is our appointment as the sole local cloud service provider by the government, which, through its MyDIGITAL Blueprint, is shifting towards a Cloud-First strategy, targeting 80% usage of cloud storage across the government in 2022.


Whether through cloud adoption to acclimatise with hybrid work environments, or safeguarding businesses from the increasing number of cyber attacks, it is critical for every business to evaluate their security needs. Integrating security is not a choice; it is now one of the important fundamentals of building resilience.


TM One fully recognises that security and data governance are some of the major concerns business leaders look to when choosing a cyber security services provider. In addressing that, we believe trust is the core value to maintaining cyber resilience, and this demands strong collaboration between  both the providers and receivers of these services. 


Businesses today aspire to become more efficient and profitable while prioritising customer experience at the core of every strategy. Smart services and IR 4.0 technologies offer the potential to help manifest such aspirations. TM One’s digital infrastructure including its cloud, data centres, connectivity and cybersecurity offerings, all support organisations in withstanding their challenges when building new digitalised business models.


Last but not least, TM One fully embraces the value of building strong partnerships and ecosystems. Over the years, we have built a chain of invaluable partnerships to ensure we build fit-for-purpose solutions for our customers, aligned to their strategic objectives.


For example, our strong partnership with leading global and technology partners like Cisco, Fortinet, Sangfor, Microsoft, VMWare, HPE, Dell, Huawei, Riverbed and so on allows us to provide unparalleled array of end-to-end solutions and managed services.


Through these partnerships and ecosystems, we continue to unlock the full benefits of human-centred transformation, ensuring a strong smart rebound and LEAP forward for businesses.

Businesses have evolved to instill a ‘shareholder to stakeholder’ thinking in their vision. However, the future now values the human experience. The ever-changing consumer dynamic calls for innovation in how businesses operate and serve their customers. Addressing these changes calls for an inclusive digital transformation plan, which includes aligning internal mindsets and processes to what’s happening outside.


To succeed in the new normal, business should look into three foundations for growth: scalability, resilience, and building partnerships and ecosystems.

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