Lumbering Giant No More. ‘Itu Bukan Cara Kita'.
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  • 'As a human-centred technology company, we are moving forward, and we’re taking everyone together with us - Ini Cara Kita.'


Many of us would have seen the much-touted datapoint from the 2016 World Economic Forum (WEF) Future of Jobs Report that highlights the impact of 4IR and the challenges of preparing talents for the future of work. The datapoint that is particularly pertinent is that 65% of today’s school children will have jobs that haven't even been invented yet.


Recognising this reality, now is the time for forward-thinking organisations to reposition themselves and invest in new ideas and approaches to help their talents adapt in these highly dynamic times. While we recognise that what raises organisations to new heights is the level of engagement and energy of its people, organisations must now create systems that will nurture, harness and enhance human potential by aligning it with technological advances such as AI.


When I joined TM as its Chief Human Capital Officer (CHCO) in 2021, the responsibility of creating and perpetuating those systems were effectively placed in my hands. Thus, I was faced with a significant question: how can we shift the perception and culture of such a rooted, established organisation into one that is lively, fast-paced, vibrant and agile?


But as I settled into my new role, I realised that TM was already way ahead of me, and there was a special way of doing things here, namely: Ini Cara Kita (This is Our Way).


“Ini Cara Kita” reflects the unique and inclusive values that Warga TM strive to uphold


And what a way to move forward!


But for TM to continue thriving in this digital age, the Group Human Capital Management (GHCM) team and I continue to play a critical role in empowering our talents and equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to realise our Digital Malaysia aspirations.


Guided by our new TM Compass that focuses on Purpose, Customers, Performance and People, we are committed to inculcating a new culture of performance and to reshape our workforce towards becoming a stronger engine of execution, transformation and agility.




While TM began as a telecommunications company, the industry is now deeply intertwined with other technologies and is evolving incredibly quickly. With IR4.0 hot on our heels and its effects upending several industries overnight, TM cannot afford to be slow.


Being a key player in Malaysia’s digital landscape, we are faced with fast-paced changes and developments daily. 5G implementations, large-scale cloud adoption, OpenRAN, edge computing and of course, broadband connectivity are among the technologies that TM powers daily.


The convergence of these technologies requires boldness in bringing transformation forward and reflects the first pillar of TM’s cultural values, #IniCaraKita. As leaders in transforming the nation through technology and connectivity, TM takes ownerships of each initiative by taking charge and making things happen.




While fast-paced changes and developments push us to take the lead in the nation’s transformation, it concurrently humbles us. Fast-paced changes and developments in the industry means that attaining perfection is almost impossible. However, the advantage of change is that there is always room for growth and improvement.


TM acknowledges and values this duality in our second pillar, and we have adopted several initiatives to grow through challenges and encourage constant learning. From large scale initiatives involving government bodies and city councils, to small lunch-and-learn sessions, we take the initiative to learn and improve from lessons gained from our partners, our customers, and one another. We know that TM may not be perfect, but we’re always relentlessly striving to be better.




If the intention to grow and improve is not turned into action, it is worthless - this outlines the 3rd pillar within TM’s culture statement. For intentions to have value, the actions taken must carry meaning and weight.


The implementation and roll out of new technological solutions would be fruitless if it does not consider human usership. Growth and innovation should therefore stem from listening to customers and their real-life needs to drive our efforts in becoming a human-centred tech company.

When turning listening into meaningful action, we realised that we could not do this alone, and this is where collaboration comes in. Through partnerships with tech giants, such as Netflix and AWS, we are adopting new ways of driving change from those in the global arena and adapting these to our realities.


We are open to listen, willing to learn from the best, and find meaningful ways to apply our learnings. Contrary to what some may think, TM is certainly not a “fossilised dinosaur” – we’re still evolving, constantly innovating, and finding new ways to constantly improve.




The final pillar of #IniCaraKita helps us understand that the work we do benefits a world that is much wider than just TM. We create sustainable, digital connectivity solutions that positively impacts diverse communities, from our employees to our partners, and every Malaysian who uses our products and services to enrich their daily lives.


To do this effectively, TM cannot only care about itself. It requires a willingness to collaborate with others to achieve a much broader goal. Teamwork is necessary to achieve solutions that are a win-win for all.


TM’s achievements and growth rests on the most human of capabilities – cooperation. Given TM’s size and reach, the level of cooperation we witness everyday among our stakeholders is something we are truly proud of, with cooperation continuing to drive our purpose of becoming a human-centred tech company.


Together, we are on a clear path that is propelling us ahead in a world that is rapidly changing.  Leveraging on our vast experience, TM is spearheading new technologies in Malaysia through our renewed boldness, willingness to grow, and curiosity to innovate.


At the heart of TM’s transformation, we are committed to futureproofing our people with skills for emerging growth areas. Beyond business performance, we ensure that our employees are well cared for and that their needs are prioritised. This includes helping them navigate the challenges of crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic.


Our goal is to bring out the best in each employee, to inspire a higher sense of purpose, united in the TM's objective of delivering “Life and Business Made Easier” for all Malaysians.


Furthermore, we strive to keep our people safe and engaged by implementing various measures to help them adapt to the changes of a post-pandemic work environment. TM’s reputation as an ‘Employer of Choice,’ which attracted multiple accolades in 2021, is a testament to GHCM’s commitment to creating an inclusive and innovative work culture.


As a human-centred technology company, we are moving forward, and we’re taking everyone together with us — Ini Cara Kita.

The world is evolving on a scale that was once unimaginable, especially within the tech industry. Cutting edge tools like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data analytics may sound futuristic, but they have already permeated our everyday lives. To keep up with this pace of change, TM has constructed its own way of doing things through #IniCaraKita –


  1. We Own It: by taking initiative and being bold in moving technological transformations forward

  2. We Grow: by acknowledging that we are not perfect but constantly learning to improve

  3. We Innovate: by listening to our customers and learning from the best

  4. We Care: by being human-centred and keeping our core purpose aligned to serving a world much larger than TM.


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